Aretai Contra 100S

A highly detailed and revealing soundstage with a surprisingly low yet impactful bass character that's entirely unique in this size category. 

A precision full-range performer

Designed for smaller and medium-sized rooms, the compact Contra 100S are quite unusual speakers, allowing you to “see” each instrument located right where the recording engineer intended it to be.

The unique and innovative filter design, bi-pole radiation pattern and the closed type enclosure enables Contra 100S two 6” drivers to deliver a surprisingly deep and well-textured bass combined with a coherent midbass and treble balance.

The bass response of this 2.5-way speaker extends down to 30Hz. To eliminate shifted phase summation typical for ported systems of similar size we deliberately designed a sealed enclosure to keep the bass perfectly tight.

Our custom-designed waveguide delivers a soundstage of impressive depth and width. The neodymium tweeter delivers pristine, undistorted clarity up to 25kHz even at higher volume levels.

To give your experience that extra edge, our bi-amping terminal option allows you to use two amplifiers for separate HF/LF amplification paths.

Key features

Coherent near- and far-field soundstage experience

Controlled indirect spectral balance for lifelike reproduction

Ultra-low distortion drivers and precision components

Bass response optimized for small and medium-sized rooms

Structurally dampened humidity-proof enclosure


6” double-woofer topology for lower bass extension capability

Wider HF dispersion from the proprietary waveguide design

Filter-equalized low-bass extension tuned to 30Hz

Valve-friendly sensitivity and impedance




"Comparing the Aretai with an admittedly
more affordable pair of speakers was a bit like 
contrasting an oil painting with a cartoon.


Jason Kennedy,
HiFi+ Magazine Issue 206


Technical specification

Closed passive 2.5-way passive stand / desktop speaker
Frequency range, Hz: 32 –30 000
Nominal power, Watts: 100
Sensitivity, dB/1m/2.83V: 87 
Nominal impedance, Ohms: 4
Dimensions, cm: H40/W21.5/D25
Net weight single speaker, kg: 16

24 carat gold plated speaker terminals 
Vibration decoupling pad
Optional Bi-wiring /Bi-amping connectors (2 terminal pairs)

Warranty (parts & labour): 3 Years
Optional: 2 Years warranty extension


Finishes & Options

black semi-matt enclosure with
white waveguide

Painted glossy (polished) finish
Veneered semi-matt finish
Veneered glossy (polished) finish
Bespoke custom finish


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