Aretai Contra 350F

Mysterious and monumental like the monolith from 2001: Space Odyssey — our flagship speaker Contra 350F packs the extra power and sonic punch needed for larger rooms. 

A bold and daring experience

In Contra 350F an exceptionally deep and tactile bass is combined with undistorted clarity taken to the extreme for the ultimate listening experience in larger rooms. The wide yet controlled dispersion angle ensures optimal engagement of your room leading to a highly truthful reproduction, including live concerts – a prominent quality confirmed by evaluators.

The combined 1200W power of two ultra-low distortion 12” neodymium bass drivers gives you plenty of bass impact leveraging the speaker's massive power headroom capability.

The above-average sensitivity and amplifier-friendly impedance of Contra 350F clearly reveals the capabilities of a wide range of amplifiers, allowing them to sound effortlessly dynamic. In our sophisticated filter design the drivers are crossed over within their safest operational bandwidth, contributing to their longevity while bringing you every precious bit of sensitivity.

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The opposite two 12” bass driver arrangement focuses more energy towards the listener and less to the sidewalls, significantly reducing boominess in the room interaction. The deliberately chosen height difference of the bass drivers smoothes out vertical room resonance. The frontal bass driver aiming at the height of your chest produces the most natural perception of kick-drum transients. So bass response is promptly even down to 20-25Hz, depending on the particular room size, and still brings the right punch.

The crossover has tight tolerance premium parts from leading manufacturers to ensure maximum clarity and response precision. The silver-coated OFC copper internal wiring allows the various frequency currents to flow unobstructed with minimal loss of the precious usable power.

If you have recognized different amplifier types as excelling best within the particular frequency range, our tri-amping terminal option allows you to parallel them for that extra edge.


"A hands-down winner for the
AVShowrooms’ Gold Show Award for sound, 
at HiFi Deluxe 2019"


AVShowrooms review

Key features

Coherent near- and far-field soundstage experience

Controlled indirect spectral balance for lifelike reproduction

Ultra-low distortion drivers and precision components

Bass response optimized for medium and large rooms

Structurally dampened humidity-proof enclosure


12” dual-woofer topology for lower bass extension capability

Wider HF dispersion from the proprietary waveguide design

Low-tuned bass extending to 20Hz

Valve-friendly sensitivity and impedance


Technical specification

3.5-way passive floorstander speaker
Frequency range, Hz: 20 - 23 000
Nominal power, Watts: 350
Sensitivity, dB/1m/2.83V: 96
Nominal impedance, Ohms: 8
Dimensions, cm: H127/W37/D47
Net weight single speaker, kg: 65
24 carat gold plated speaker terminals
Vibration decoupling pad
Optional Tri-wiring /Tri-amping connectors (3 terminal pairs)

Warranty (parts & labour): 3 Years
Optional 2 Year warranty extension (5 years Total)


Finishes & Options

black semi-matt enclosure with white waveguide

Painted glossy (polished) finish
Veneered semi-matt finish
Veneered glossy (polished) finish
Bespoke custom finish


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