Aretai Contra collection

Combining features rarely found in one product, the Contra Collection is the result of our quest for the perfect formula for timeless design and sound, backed by decades of audio knowledge imprinted in Audio Engineering Society papers and our own findings.

Prototypes were tested and refined in our R&D lab with countless measurements and evaluations to bring you the most enjoyable and aesthetic products, manufactured with precision technology and meticulous craftsmanship. 

The Contra Collection embodies our Northern Sound concept – experience of the crisp and vital freshness of a winter morning surrounded by the generous and robust vastness of Nature. 

All products in this collection follow similar aesthetic and sonic design principles. Their looks and finish are customizable to fit your taste, and, eventually, to blend harmonically with your room interior.


Contra 100S

A stunning soundstage combined with clarity and deep bass unusual for small speakers.


Contra 200F

A capable floorstanding performer with exceptional midrange clarity and punchy bass.


Contra 350F

Flagship floorstander delivering extra sensitivity with a bass kick you’ll envy until you own one.


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